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    Gap Year Support    


A gap year offers an important opportunity to grow, learn and develop socially, emotionally, and academically. It’s a chance to mature and develop essential skills that are not taught in schools like emotional literacy or independent functioning.

For many, the gap year in Isael is a year of excitment and many new positive experiences. For many, gap years can contribute toward mental fitness because they challenge participants’ adaptability through engaging with new people, activities and perspectives. They also invite reflection and the development of new and more robust personal narratives.  A gap year can support the development of skills like resilience and creative problem-solving, cognitive complexity and divergent thinking, and increase maturity, confidence and a sense of purpose in life .

For these individuals, therpy can offer an important spacec for the sellf-explloration of the self in a safe, protected and guided way.

At the same time, gap years can often reveal previous unrecognized personal and mental-health challenges. At the same time, gap years offer a unique opportunity and spaace for dealing with and tackeling the underlying mentall-health and psycologicacl issues that emerge.


In fact, there is no better place and time to deal with them that while on a gap year program in Israel.  Student who are away from their families and old ways of being - often for the first time - are uniquely primed to face and tackle many of the challenges that they could not face before.

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